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WASSCE 2021: Teachers Involved in Examination Malpractice

Examination malpractice has been a topic for discussion in every year during the period of WASSCE and BECE, the question papers passes through several hands before it get to the examination center from the WAEC printing room to the depot and from the depot to the various centers. 

Teachers are recruited as invigilators in their own schools, these teachers are tempted to assist their students to pass. 

During the examination period, some teachers engaged themselves in the examination by malpractice, some of these use the opportunity to lure the girls in the Senior High Schools by promising to help them pass their examination, Students who have affairs with their male teachers believed these teachers will come to their aid to help them pass the examination.

Some of the teachers sneak in answers to the examination center for their girls. A girl was caught in the examination hall with papers which contains answers to some of the questions in the examination, the girl mentioned her teacher's name as the one who sneak in the answers for her to copy.

These girls are lured by their male teachers in the name of helping them pass the examination. In some cases the teachers may not be able able to enter the hall to help them, when this happened, the teacher has breach the contract with the student and the student is likely to come out to expose the teacher to her mates. 

It is high time WAEC stopped teachers from supervising and invigilating in their own schools, teachers should be taken to different schools for invigilation to avoid the temptation of helping their students to pass. 

The bragging right of which school performed better in the WASSCE regional and national rankings is the cause of teachers involvement in the examination malpractice. The teachers want their schools to top WASSCE results and become the best school. 

The issue of examination malpractice can be resolved with the use of Computer Assisted Examination, computer base examination will randomly select different set of questions for each students. The results can be generated just after the completion of the examination. 

Many Ghanaians have called for other alternative to WAEC, leakage of examination question papers reoccur and WAEC has not been able to resolve it making the West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination inferior to the foreign based examination. If students engaged in examination malpractice to pass their examination for further studies, imagine the future doctors, engineers and other professionals this country will produce.

In the 2020 WASSCE West Africa ranking, the best twelve students based on the raw scores, Eleven out of the twelve emerged from Ghana, Ghanaian Students performed better than other West African countries.

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