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Six Documents And Important Cards You Should Have Before Age 20

Documents and important cards you should have before age 20

If you have the right to vote at the age of 18, then you also have the right to get the following documents unconditionally. That's why through my teachings, I teach you how to become rich and Successful. The subject of money and Success is not taught at school. That's why many people fall back in life even though they have what so called certificates after graduations. Which your parents pay the prize.

Some also fall back in life simply because they think they are living in a poor country or poor family. But let me show you the secrets about this. We have personal prosperity and national prosperity, on the other hand, we have family prosperity and personal prosperity. If you are living in a poor country, that doesn't mean you the person living in it too should be poor. That's why I laughed at people who blame the nation for bad economy. That's why I ignored the advice from my parents about Success because they would say being rich is evil. But that's not the truth. If you want to be rich, you must not make a study of poverty.

Today, through my teachings I will show you six important documents and cards you should have before age 20. If you are above age 20, you can still get them but sometimes you would be charged to pay for it if you need them urgently. Which is a big mistake. Without making reading looks boring to you, let get to the point. Documents number one is birth certificate. Most often, birth certificate is very important. Without birth certificate, you can not have passport, visa, bank account, or even register your business. Documents number two: Ghana Card. Ghana card is also very important. Without Ghana card, you can not open bank account, driver's license, register your business, or can not be classified as a true citizen of Ghana. Number three: Voter's ID card. Your voter's identification card is not meant for voting only, but can be used to open bank account, SSNIT, driver's license, business registration, TIN (Taxpayers Identification Number).

Number four. SSNIT Card. As a young man building your future, you have to start investing some money in your SSNIT account as your pension plan. Number five: TIN, Taxpayers Identification Number is also very important because it is part of the requirements to open bank account, business and so on. Number Six: Bank Account. As a young man or woman, you should start building your future by saving some parts of your income in the bank. At the normal circumstance, every single person should have at least five accounts. Namely, person bank account, emergency account, business account, retirement account, and home account. I will take you into more details about the financial literacy when I meet you next time.

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