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5 Effective Study Tricks To Make You A Straight 'A' Student In School

1. Be Time Specific.

Most of us will be like, I'll learn tomorrow, I'll learn in the evening, etc. But the big question is, when? The best time to learn is within the first 2 hours of waking up. For those who aren't able to stay up and learn throughout midnight can learn from 9pm to 12am. Remember that the minimum recommended time for learning a day is a total of 6 hours. As a student, your main duty is to be behind books. If you have to use your mobile phone, always let it be after learning not before learning. Using your phone before learning can be a distraction and cause you to procastinate on when you'd want to study.

2. Set Up a Priority And Be Organized.

Don't just pick up a random book. Always know what you want to study, when you want to study and how long you will spend studying a particular subject in a period. Take your textbook and divide it into sections and set up objectives. Learning your entire textbook over and over again is a good way of keeping things to memory. It is also good to study at least three different coherent subjects a day. This allows for diversity in learning and prevents a monotonous way of learning.

3. Take Breaks of 5 Minutes.

Remember where you are keeping all that you study. Yes, your brain is the storage unit and must always be in a well stable and healthy condition. If you are taking three learning sessions a day, 2 hours each, it is good to take breaks when studying. For example, after your first 30 minutes, a 5 minute break is recommended and should be used for something productive like completing assignments. Every 30 or 40 minutes, take a break of 5 minutes to aid your brain in reorganizing all that you have learnt within that period. 

4. Make Studying Your Habit.

Research shows that most intelligent students do not wake up early at dawn to study. It's because learning for them is a daily routine. Whether it rains or shines, academic sessions or vacations, they are always on the go and this helps them stay at the top of the class. Do you know why you have not forgotten your name? It's because it's a part of your everyday life. Everyone calls you by your name everyday and this continuously reminds you of your name and gets stored as a core memory. Similarly, constant practice makes perfect. Do not learn because you want to pass your exams. Learn to understand what you are reading, it may help you one day. 

5. Have a course major where your expertise is guaranteed.

We have a lot of subjects we study. Pick one, it could be your favorite, but pick a particular subject and tell yourself that you want to be the expert in that subject. It's not easy but when you pick a subject you want to major in, you would require little to no effort when studying that subject for an exam. Make yourself perfect, or near to perfect in that subject. This is really a helpful tool since it will give your the chance to then look into other subjects where your weakness lies.

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