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EduWatch Releases Press Statement On Emerging Issues From The Galop Digital Learning Interventions

African Educational Watch , EduWatch, has released a press statement on the ongoing brouhaha of the $1.2 million issued by the bank of Ghana to train teachers during the Covid era. The educational think-tank on Friday, 7th May 2022, wrote;

"Response To Emerging Issues From The Galop Digital Learning Interventions

In November 2021, Eduwatch, with support from OXFAM published the Ghana COVID-19 Education Sector Response Review Report after reviewing the implementation of the $15 million Additional Financing to GALOP, otherwise known as GALOP Component 5, under which Digital Learning Platforms interventions were to be delivered. 

The report, which has since been published, acknowledged progress in the delivery of virtual learning interventions in Colleges of Education, but raised the following issues with the delivery of Digital Learning Interventions in the pre-tertiary sector.

1. Why about US$1 million was spent on a Learning Management Platform 

(Edmodo), which is a well-known Free and Open-Source System.

2. Why one year after launching Edmodo, less than 1% of teachers and students were even aware of its existence, let alone enrol or utilize same.

3. Why one year after its launch, Edmodo had no content, thereby raising serious issues of VFM.

4. Why teachers had not been provided with gadgets and Digital Learning Skills to enable them to utilize Edmodo LMS.

5. The lack of any report on implementation progress on such an important project.

While our letters to the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ghana Library Authority and Ghana Education Service (GES) to seek answers and further information on implementation progress did not receive any response, the issues emerging today are directly related to the issues raised in last year’s review, necessitating this response."

Based on the above, EduWatch made the following recommendations.


1. To put to rest the contention surrounding the Digital Learning training disclaimer by the GES and affirm the institutional credibility of MoE, the World Bank should conduct an independent audit of the training by KA Technologies to establish its scope, relevance, quality, and reach, and make public its findings.

2. To promote transparency and accountability in the management and implementation on GALOP, the MoE must publish all Project Based Condition Reports, Annual Implementation Progress Reports and Implementation Completion Reports of GALOP on its website.

3. In the immediate term, the Presidency must intervene to resolve the perceived factionalism at the MoE and GES, as it has a strong potential to negatively affect the implementation of education policies and programmes of the government.

4. The MoE must focus on its core function of policy implementation and coordination and continue to provide support to the GES in policy implementation when required.

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