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Make tertiary education affordable and accessible for all. (Opinion)

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Currently, my attention has been drawn to the rate at which some universities and colleges charge students to pay huge sums of money for tuition, and some even force students to pay in full before they are allowed to attend lectures.

This has been happening in the country for a long period of time now and none of the government institutions have dreamt about addressing the issues.

Most of Ghanaian students after finding it difficult to gain admission into some of the public and private universities in Ghana are slapped with huge sums of fees before they can commence lectures.

In some cases, some universities refuses a refund when a student apply for a particular program and the school couldn't get enough students to offer the said program hence denying the student access to the school.

The most annoying part of it is that, this students don't even get employment after completing the said education which they have wasted huge sums of monies on.

Some are even denied admissions in some instances. Education should be made accessible and affordable for the average Ghanaian to be able to attend inspite of the low income. Government should intervene and address these issues immediately before things get out of hand.

The Ghana Education Service as well as the Ministry of Education should set standards for which tertiary institutions should charge students and allow for equal participation in the education sector.

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