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NSMQ 2021: Wesley Girls' High School Shows The Boys How It Is Done As They Painfully Kick Them Out

Indeed, women can do what men are capable of doing and can even go ahead to perfect it. This afternoon is a very happy one not only for current and old students of Wesley Girls' High School, but for all women in the country. The girls from Cape Coast stepped up in this afternoon's contest as they showed the boys how it is done. These girls showed no mercy to the boys as they beat them right from round one to the last round.

They just didn't win the contest, they made sure they snatched the Prudential Life NSMQ Star award, after getting a perfect score in the problem of the day. For this reason, they are going to be given 2,800 Ghana cedis. Imagine winning and taking all the money along, these girls are really good.

At this point, the boys from Pope John's Senior High School and Minor Seminary had lost hope. I wonder what was really going on in their minds at that particular time. They had to pull up a magical moment by every means possible.

At the end of round 3, the scores obtained were,

Wesley Girls’ High School: 44pts

Pope John SHS & Min. Seminary: 26pts

Konongo Odumase SHS: 12pts

Looking at the gap, you just knew the boys were doomed but that didn't stop them, they came close in the next round as they mastered the "true or false" questions.

They closed the gap but who knows? Maybe the girls wanted to just give them a feel of victory and later disappoint them. They really know how to play the deceptive game and I love that. These were the results at the end of the contest:

Wesley Girls’ High School: 55pts

Pope John SHS & Min. Sem: 48pts

Konongo Odumase SHS: 25pts

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