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Do You Remember Your Primary School Days. Let's Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Life is all we have. All animals go through the exciting process. We live and we die but one thing that never leaves or dies that is a major part of humanity is memories. Memories of joy, memories of pain, memories of lessons life teaches us, all kinds of memories. From the newborn baby to childhood and forth to adolescence and finally adulthood, we gain a lot of memories. Some of which we want to forget and others which we wish we could relive. These memories make us who we are as we learn a lot of lessons from them.

Among these exciting memories are those of our educational journey; Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary School, Senior High School and then the University. A greater majority of the memories we make are from these places. Today we take a walk down lane, to the primary school days.

A few pictures below may help you remember.

1. The School Bell

This item was the most wanted in primary school. The one who got the job to hold it and use it was considered the "King". It was normally a boy though. He controlled the students much to their annoyance. When it was time for the morning break, he would give way for them to go, Afternoon break, the same. Forget the prefects, the holder of this bell was the owner of the school.

2. These Shoes

Shoes are shoes but not these shoes. When I say this I mean these shoes were the thing of the day. The moment you wore these shoes to school on a particular day for the first time, you became royalty in the eyes of your colleagues. The girls especially would have a lot of boys crowding around them.

3. The Swag Socks

You've seen the shoes and what's next is the socks. I know you immediately recognized these when you viewed the picture. I used to wear one of these to school everyday. Not because of the way they looked but because of the meaning behind them. As for these socks, if you know you know. And the way the boys used to pull them up to the knees.

4. Sports Time

"It's time for PE" back in the days was the sentence everybody wanted to hear that one day in a week. Some of us wish it was two days though. This time was always the best time of our lives. Call it a "little Christmas" for primary school students. We ran, we played hopscotch, ludo and other interesting games.

5. The Books And Stories

Surely I don't even need to explain the amount of fun we had reading these books. Especially when it was ourselves doing the reading. We got ready to tease anyone who made a pronuciation mistake at the exact moment he or she made it. I for one was a huge teaser. Which of these books made your primary school days interesting.

6. The List( Names Of Talkatives)

Who among you was a class prefect? Do you remember doing this? How did you feel doing it? The memories that this picture brings will forever make me laugh. That moment when you hear your name and even though you were making noise, you give all kinds of reasons like , " sir , I'm sick, I wasn't the one" but in the end you still receive it just like the rest of the people on the list. What was your highest Dp level?

7. This Exercise

If you never did this then you missed a lot. The punishments for talking in class were many but this one would always manage to put that frown on even the most joyous face. As easy as it looks in the picture, it is not so easy in real life. What other punishment did you get for talking in class?

These are just but a few from the days in primary school. I'll be making a new list. Be sure to follow me for the latest gists and news. But for now take a look at some of these pictures that may make you smile.

Which aspect was your favorite?

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