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Teachers' Laptop: Only KA Technologies Allegedly Showed Up In Court, GES, MoE Absent

Following the lawsuit by the two responsive teacher unions who are fast winning teachers trust, that is Innovative Teachers and All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) against the Ghana Education Service, Ministry of Education and KA Technologies Ghana Limited in the past weeks over numerous controversies surrounding teachers laptops.

The three parties versus the two teacher unions mentioned above were to meet in court last week for the court to hear both sides of the story but unfortunately, it is alleged that only one of the defendants showed up in court against the two plaintiff, and in this case, KA Technologies Ghana Limited

It is unknown why representatives from the Ghana Education Service and the Ministry of Education did not show up in court. However, it is unfair to draw any premature conclusion whatsoever, and have also not revealed any statements in that regard. 

At the end of the court hearing, it was revealed that KA Technologies exhibited documents to prove that the company is indeed registered by the Registrar whereas admitting that they had no records with the Ghana Standards Authority (GIS) as reported. 

According to the company, they indicated that their outfit needs no authorization from the GIS to enable them manufacture their laptops. The case as we speak has been adjourned to December 2021. 


ATAG and I. T. have sued the Ministry of Education and KA Technologies Ghana Limited over the manufacturing, distribution and cost of TM1 Laptops for teachers. The two teacher unions, they have raised allegations about the laptops being substandard with inconsistent price given by the other teacher unions.

Meanwhile, in all these happenings, GNAT, NAGRAT and CCT-GH are tight-lipped over the issues surrounding the laptop. It appears that the battle is meant for only ATAG and I. T. who are seeking fairness for their members and all teachers put together. 

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