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Worse Courses To Study In The University If You Plan on Working in Ghana.(Opinion)

All courses in the university are very important and there is no dispute over this fact. However, certain courses when studied will make you remain unemployed in Ghana. Such courses has not yet being fully developed in Ghana yet. That is, there are some courses that do not have any relatable job opportunities in Ghana. One can however land a highly paid profession outside Ghana. I do not intend on devaluing any course but I seek to enlighten students in order for them to choose the right courses. This will not only help them secure a well paid job in the near future but also help channel their efforts to other courses. Let us go straight to these courses.

1.Social Work

2.Veterinary Medicine


4.Theatre Arts

5.Family and Child studies


7.Animal Biology

8.Music and Dance



Pleas take note that this is an opinion and this opinion arose as a result of a lot of discussion by many students and parents.

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