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UEW all you need to know about the end of 1st semester exams and the supplementary exams.

Decision on end of semester exams (face to face or online)

For the past days students in the university have been anxious to get the declared facts from the school academic board about how their end of semester exams is going to be because most students faced some difficulties in the online mode during the midsemeter exams and can't wait for the face to face mode to be restored, on the other hand part of the students find it easy to dealt with and hoping it should persist (online mode).

However, Decision from academic board meeting today (31st of March) finally approved that End of 1st Semester Exams 20/21 begins with General courses written online from 14th-16th whilst Faculty & Departmental courses will be sit-in or face-to- face examination from 19th to 30th April.

Conduct of Supplementary Mid-Semester Examinations, First Semester, 2020/2021.

The university wish to inform Lecturers and students that supplementary mid-semester examinations on General Courses for students who, for justifiable reasons, could not take part in the said examinations shall be conducted from Friday April 9, 2021 to Sunday, April 11, 2021. The examination will be conducted via virtual mode on the UEW-LMS platform. 

The following guidelines shall guide the conduct of the examinations:

  1. Lecturers for the respective General Courses will identify students who, for justifiable reasons, were unable to write or will have to rewrite the examination. 
  2. A generated list of the identified students should be submitted to the Students Records Office (SRO)/IT Directorate via [email protected] by Friday 1st April, 2021. Copies of the list should also be submitted to the Coordinator of the respective General Courses as well as the Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor. 
  3. The identified students will be informed of the opportunity granted to them to participate in the supplementary examination. 
  4. On the due date for examinations, only the affected students will have access to the LMS platform for the purpose of writing the examination.   
  5. Please, all affected Lecturers and students are to take note and act, accordingly.

In this case we wish all the students best of luck in their forth coming exams and may God grant retentive memory to every student in their field of study. Thank you 🤝

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