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Aggrieved Teacher Writes to the Controller and Accountant General Department

The new Ghana Education Service ICT policy which states that, teachers will be provided with laptops to promotes digital literacy among teachers and students has taken effect after the launch of the one teacher one laptop project. The one teacher one laptop project is an initiative for the Government, Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service to supply laptops to teachers in the second cycle schools to be use as Teaching-Learning materials.

It is the responsibility of the government to provide teaching and learning materials for the teachers to be used to deliver their lessons, teachers are not responsible for the provision of teaching and learning materials. The laptops to be supplied for teachers have been embedded with digital teaching and learning materials which includes, curriculum, textbooks and syllabus for all the subjects in the Senior High Schools, templates for lesson note and scheme of work preparation.

In the previous years, curriculum, syllabus and textbooks were supplied by government for free to schools from Kindergarten to Senior High school, currently the curriculum, syllabus and textbook have been converted into electronic form and sold to teachers in the form of providing them with laptops.

The government and his communicators have been making noise over the supply of laptops to the teachers. The laptops are sold to teachers by the government, they are not free, even if a teacher pays one pesewa to be given the laptop, it is not given to him for free. The noise makers have to shut up and let the nation know that, the government is selling laptops to the teachers.

The said laptop according to the aggrieved teachers is of low quality. The total cost per a laptop is one thousand six hundred Ghana cedis and the government is paying seventy percent of the cost whiles teachers pay the remaining thirty percent. Per the specifications of the laptops, in an open market teachers will be able to purchase a quality laptop with the same specifications at the same price. If the government is committed in assisting teachers to own a laptop by paying seventy percent of the cost, teachers should be given the option to go for any brand of their choice.

Teachers name and staff Identification numbers have been submitted to the Controller and Accountant General Department for the deduction of the thirty percent which has been spread for the period of 12 months. A teacher will pay forty-eight Ghana cedis per month which will be deducted from their payroll from the Controller and Accountant General Department. According to the teachers government cannot force them to purchase any product and for that matter data should be collected from teachers who are interested not all Teachers. 

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