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Beautiful SHS Couple Flexing In Uniforms That Will Blow Your Mind

School is just so amazing, lots of experience, good and bad combined. Anytime you talk about the negative side of school and you do not include the food, it is an incomplete list for me. Rice and boiled yam meals are sometimes on point, but the 'Banku' with okra soup forever disappoints. Imagine eating a 'Banku' ball that is not well cooked in an okra soup that is so transparent you can count the okra pieces. That is the sort of meal that will forever disappoint you, no matter how much effort they put into it.

On the bright side, we had fun in school. A couple of excursions, the free gates to go stroll in town and the entertainment days always made the school interesting. Our friends who were sometimes so annoying and with whom we had the little fights all made school beautiful. Then there were crushes, girls we liked but never liked us back, maybe they did but who cares now. It was all an effective distraction and a waste of precious time.

I remember my friends who spent most of their time with their crushes or let's just say best friends, but right after school everyone went their separate ways. And it sounds funny, because they used to tell us that if the West African Examinations Council doesn't separate the two of you by failing one person, then your village gods will. And the prophecies came to pass, WAEC did their best.

Check out these amazing photos of some beautiful senior high school couples who could only be best friends, flexing in their school uniforms that will make you remember your school days.

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