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The Teacher as a Model of Good Moral Behavior

Values can be effectively imparted to pupils or students and children in general when parents, community members and schools teach them the values both informally and formally, in addition to living by what they teach the children or pupils.

Communal values in Ghana can be transmitted through the use of songs, proverbs, stories or folklore. Through language, values such as hard-work, respect for the elderly, patience and teamwork can be imparted to children in the school setting.

The team spirit is necessary for promoting harmony within the organization such as the school. This is a manifestation of the scientific management theory in the communal values of Ghana.

In the school, therefore communal values as patience, teamwork and respect for the elderly promote the attainment of the goals of education in the school system. The child learns that he has to depend on others to understand certain things that are taught are taught. He learns to accord respect to his elders at home and extends this respect to his colleagues (seniors) and teachers in the school. A value such as hard work encourages the child to be inquisitive to gain more knowledge in school by being very serious, paying attention in class and doing class exercises and assignments, in addition to doing corrections where he goes wrong.

The school is part of the community and so has a role to play in enforcing communal values. The school should be a place where all the values that the community holds dear are exhibited, values such as honesty, justice and fairness, responsibility, hard-work, excellence, charity, beauty and others. The sense of honesty, responsibility, hard-work and excellence are attitudes that bring intrinsic satisfaction to society. 

The school reinforces the values of society through its activities such as school rules and classroom rules. The school timetable and its enforcement of times of opening and closing instill in both pupils/students and teachers, time consciousness.

The teacher as a model of good moral behavior is an example to learners. The teacher in settling disputes among pupils/students is expected to display justice and fairness. He should not show bias otherwise he would be telling his pupils/students that he approves of injustice. If this happens, then he approves of injustice, the school might not achieve its goal of training the youth to uphold justice.

The prefectoral system in the schools helps pupils/students to develop leadership skills. Grouping students in section or houses develop in them the communal and team spirit which is good values. Also through clubs, societies and associations. Teachers with a good attitude impart on students positively and the bad ones also impart on students negatively.

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