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If These Are The Kind Of Desks Available For Some Schools, Then What Kind Of Future Are We Planning.

When I observed how some school students in impoverished neighborhoods are forced to suffer in order to obtain an education, I felt I was dreaming. Despite the abundance of numerous types of wood, there are still schools that lack even a proper desk for students. It will hurt your heart to read that in certain villages, students must carry kitchen chairs on their heads and walk miles to get to school grounds. What went wrong for them? Some villages continue to hold schools under tresses, but it is treated as if they are not citizens of the country.

How can we construct a future when those who will follow in our footsteps are not receiving the greatest education possible? Inequality in the education sector is becoming a long-term problem for the country. I doubt that the late President Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah ever imagined that the nation for which he battled would today be in a situation of no substantial improvement in terms of education.

Meanwhile, millions of cedis are squandered on frivolous items when they could have been utilized to create proper schools for these communities, allowing them to catch up with those in urban regions.

Science laboratories should be available at diverse schools throughout the country's secondary schools. If we had taken things seriously a long time ago, we would have developed our vaccine.

Despite the abundance of computers, some students must learn how to use a drawing board to manage the computer. How will we progress if we keep continuing in this direction?

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