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An Assessment That Has A Great Impact In The Lives Of Both The Teachers And The Students

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Assessment is one of the key ways through which teachers evaluate their students. It is conducted in many ways. It is an act that is widely accepted by every educational leadership in Ghana, Africa and the world at large. Every teacher and student are obviously aware of this method and for that matter enjoys the impacts it has for them in their lives.

Therefore, kindly scroll down for the great impacts continuous assessment has on both teachers and students.

In the first place, what is a continuous assessment? It is basically an evaluation that is conducted for students on the subject, topic or course that has been learnt or studied for a period of time.

1. Continuous assessment helps both the teachers and students to remember what has been learnt. The essence of this assessment reminds students and teachers about what has been learnt for a period of time. Since it is conducted after a time of studying, The students are reminded on what they learnt, whiles teachers get to know what actually they had taught their learners. This will not let both parties to forget of the various contents of the topics covered.

2. It also aids both the teachers and students to concentrate on difficult areas of subjects. Haven't gone through this assessment, teachers get to know the areas the students face challenges with after marking and recording their scripts, likewise atudents, they also become updated on their capabilities and weaknesses as far as the topics being assessed on are concerned. This as a result helps both parties to put more concentration on what on those difficult areas they are likely to identify.

3. It again assists the teachers on deciding the kind of method to teach. there are basically a number of methods in teaching. If a teacher realises the poor performance of students is as a result of his method or approach through which he presented the lesson, he quickly changes to the ones that could make the students understand and perform well.

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