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Ghanaian Men Are Not Open-Minded: Take A Look At What Happened To A Knust Student In Germany

I'm a handsome 28-year-old Ga boy with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from KNUST. I worked for three years before deciding to further my education. A friend of mine convinced me to try Germany since tuition for masters is mostly free in some colleges. My first attempt was a success, and I gained admission to study in Berlin. Honestly, I planned on not returning, since my job here was not paying much.

A year in Berlin and I had fallen in love with the country. I loved the system, I loved the people, I loved the language, and I felt at home being in Germany. I got to know just how much an employed computer science graduate would earn, and that was the deal breaker for me. I decided to stay in the country, work my socks off, gain my citizenship, and bring my family along. But the fastest way I could think of was by marriage; I needed to find a German girl for myself.

That was when I met my broken heart story. We met at the gym through my trainer. She was very energetic and fit, with big biceps but a very pretty face and a fine ass. You know, Ghana boys, we love the big stuff. I was not so much attracted to her though, but I had to make a move.

We became very good friends. After some time, I came clean with my trainer about my intentions of getting my papers. Thankfully, he had helped a couple of people with the illegal marriage thingy and offered to be my agent. So I came clean and told him exactly what I wanted him to do for me. We agreed on an amount as remuneration for her to marry me. After the marriage, getting my citizenship would be easier and faster. We agreed and started the procedure.

In an attempt to be more conversant with each other, a few sessions were arranged so we could meet up in-person and align, just in case the immigration folks decided to ask us personal questions.

She sounded super manly and I had my suspicions about her, but I had already committed to the procedure by paying both herself and the third party. I had just two months remaining on my visa, so we had to act fast before I became an illegal immigrant.

Now my illegal wife-to-be has begun acting funny. She started demanding intimacy as a condition for the papers, which I found very awkward. I tried not to be rude to her whenever she asked for it; I kept reminding her of the fact that we were only getting married so I could get my papers, but she kept pushing.

Well, I got tired of her nags and agreed to have sex with her. But during our make-out session, I had the most awkward moment ever; I realized she had an extra piece of equipment in between her legs, which kept poking me. There goes my suspicion! She confessed to me that she used to be a man. Yes! A man! Apparently, she happens to be trans and somehow still has a penis. I threw up at that very moment, made a mess on the floor and asked her to leave my apartment. She got hysterical and started throwing insults at me.

How can you be this stupid? Are you African men not open minded? " The rest that followed were in German, so I'm pretty sure they were insults.

The fuming got worse and she started shouting on top of her voice. Before I knew it, she had started issuing threats that she needed me to sleep with her before she put pen to paper.

If I don't sleep with her, the money I paid this woman and my trainer for the illegal marriage is about to go down the drain.Or him? I have less than two months to make a decision. How do I fix this broken life story?

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