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The Essence of Teachers And How Necessary It is to Increase Their Salaries.

It seems the cry of teachers has not been heard by the government. This evidently paints a picture of the insensitivity of the government to Ghanaian teachers. This continuous disregard for the teachers made them quite reluctant to continue their good work.Teachers are very essential and even parents know how important and the massive impact they have on their wards.

First of all, teachers’ salary is so paltry. Most at times, it is unable to cater for them till the end of the month. They become heavily indebted so soon that they have to find means of contracting loans. If I am to juxtapose teachers income with others, you will know how unfair they’ve been treated. 

Moreover, instead of motivating and providing them accommodations, there has been various comments about the number of teachers in the country. I shudder to think why the government has turned deaf ears to the teachers’ wailing. Teachers enjoy less privileges as compared to doctors,nurses and other government workers. This becomes a form of disrespect for the teaching profession.

Following these, among other points, came about this article. I wish to therefore appeal to the government and all stakeholders of education to give more attention to teachers. It behoves the government to increase teachers’ salaries in order for them to keep up with their good job.

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