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10 Habits To Break To Achieve Better Grades.

There certain habits that as students does not benefit you in anyway when it comes to achieving your goals. I mean the whole reason you are in school is to pass. You cannot do that if you do not get good grades. Sometimes it is not about what you should do but what you should stop doing. Below are 10 bad habits you need to break as a college or university student to achieve good grades. 

1. Waking up late.

There is a saying that goes: the early bird catches the early worm. This simply translates as an early start to your day results in you having the first and best of everything. As students, it is essential to having an early start to your mornings. This requires you waking up early and sometimes earlier than planned. This makes you feel fresh and gives you time to indulge in healthy habits like planning your day, meditation and praying. Waking up late is recipe for laziness and procrastination.

2. Eating junk

As students, it's easy to fall on eating junk food. It is easy to access and fills you up quickly. However this is unhealthy. You realize after an intense study session you are very hungry. The brain needs food. In fact, the brain consumes most of the energy obtained from the food we eat than any other organ. Thus, it is important we treat our body right and feed it with the right kind of food for great brain energy. Stock up on some vegetables and fruits and see your grades accelerate.

3. Being stationary

I hate to break it to you but you need to get up more than once in a while to exercise or do a physical activity. Being stuck in one place for long hours can be unhealthy. Stretch or go for walk. Get your heart beating and your blood warm by doing a physical activity especially when you are feeling unproductive. It puts you in the right study mood. 

4. Cut back on phone usage

This is a habit we are all suffering from; too much phone time. As a student wanting to achieve good grades, you need to cut back on your phone usage. This can be hard to do depending on the number of hours you spend on it. Start small by cutting back an hour or two and very soon you will see that you can do without it for longer periods. Another way of doing this is to delete the social media eating up most of your time. This is only temporary. 

4. Not reviewing your notes

Being good at something requires a lot of repetition and practice. Same goes for schooling. To achieve good grades, you need to review your notes a lot. Reviewing is what you do after studying intensely. It is that light read to go over your notes and key points captured during your study period. You may know the material but remembering all that you learnt is unlikely. That is why you need to constantly review your notes to solidify what you have learnt. 

5. Not asking for help

Not one person knows it all. In fact good students are the ones that know how to ask for help when they need it. That is why they keep getting good grades. They are the ones to ask the teacher to go over a certain topic or to repeat a process again. They are the ones asking questions to help them better understand concepts. It may surprise you that what you find difficult is what someone finds easy and vice versa. It does not hurt to ask for help from teachers or your friends. The least they can do is say no which is fine on their part but that should not stop you from asking another person till you find the help that you need. That how to achieve good grades. 

6. Skipping breaks

Breaks are essential in any type of work including studying. Set breaks in your study routine. Give yourself at least 15 minutes to stretch and unwind or get a snack especially when studying for long periods. You can even set a timer for 30 minutes and take a short nap as a break if you plan on pulling an all night of studying. Studying without breaks is counter productive as when the brain gets tired, nothing you feed it is absorbed. You end up wasting your time and not achieving good grades in the end. 

7. Not learning from different sources

You need to learn from different sources to improve your understanding of the things you study. Don't just rely on what your teachers give you. Go on YouTube and watch study videos of the same things. Get textbooks. Find apps online that can quiz you and give you notes. All this can increase you chances of getting good grades. 

8. Procrastination 

Procrastination they say is the thief of time. You can easily mess up your routine with procrastination. When it's time to study, study. Anything else you want to do should be added to your schedule. Thus when it's time to do other things you do it and when it's time to study, you study. 

9. Not studying everything you have been taught. 

There are some people who only study things they have confidence in. They pick and choose what they think they are going to be examined on and leave the rest of the syllabus. Don't be like that. Commit to studying everything you have been taught in the syllabus. Once you were taught, you are likely going to get examined on it and more. Not studying everything is a bad habit to break to get good grades. 

10. Not having a study method 

As a student, you need to know what works best for you. There are different study methods out there. Not having a study method is a bad habit. That means your studies are not effective as your brain cannot create connections with what you learn. Find a method that helps you and stick to it to achieve good grades. 

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