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My teacher told me I cannot make it in life but this is what is happening now.

Man cannot determine what would happen in the future, only God knows.

I was poor and slow in academics as a result of tiredness. I helped my parents on the farm on weekends. Sometimes during working days after school I had to go to the farm because of hunger. On return, I carry heavy loads back home.

My parents grew vegetables and other foodstuffs. I was the youngest child. My siblings were matured and living in the city. To avoid the vegetables from getting rotten, my mother used me as her selling machine. She would arrange some in a pan for me to go about selling.

I sometimes skipped school just to help my parents. This affected my performance and progress at school. I was always among the top three people at the bottom of the class during examination.

My class teacher's never believed in me and instead of them to encourage me, they told me things were going to be difficult for me if I did not step up in academics. I lost some few friends as a result of their parents who convinced them that, I was a bad influence on them.

It was true I was not good in academics which made people think I was going to be a failure in life. Because of the repetition and constant discouragement, I told my parents I could not continue schooling anymore. I was the only person in my village who spent more than 9 years from class 1 to 6. I was suffering emotionally and needed to take a break from school. I was grown and that earned me the title ''class 6 papa''.

I stopped at JHS 1. After that I entered into trading. I started selling already used clothes in the village market whiles my schoolmates were busily chasing certificates. Little by little in the clothing business, I gathered some money and acquired a permanent spot in the market. It was much easier to operate on that way. God has a plan for all of us.

 So after 4 years in the business, God opened a door of success for me. I met this customer who offered me a shop around one of the busiest place in the market. According to him, he had monitored me for a long time and saw that I was a hardworking guy who wanted to succeed, but things were not clicking for me. He also gave me some money to buy more clothes and even advised me to deal in shoes and watches.

 Little did I know that he was a rich man who lives abroad but comes to Ghana at the end of everything year. Because of my consistency and loyalty, I was able to expand the business. Today I can boast of state-of-the-art boutique in Accra and Kumasi. I am driving my own car now and even have two taxis running for me. I intend to get married soon. God has being good to from all directions. May God bless anyone who extends a helping hand to others. May God bless my helper.

No one knows tomorrow.

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