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Watch The Simple Luxurious Life Of A Ghanaian Science Teacher In Vietnam, Every Teachers Wish

It sometimes baffles to see the kind of life teachers are compelled to live because of the kind of salaries the earn at the end of the month.

Come to think of it, in some sense it is expected that, teaching is supposed to be the highest paying profession as without them, all other uprising professions that are given Soo much respect and attention wouldn't have been possible as the saying goes, "All professions can boast but the teacher taught them all". Because of this, they are supposed to be pampered but that's not what we see.

In a video trending online, a Ghanaian who is currently a science teacher in Vietnam was seen displaying the layout of the room he had acquired from a flat where he could stay and you'll realize how happy this young man feels.

According the teacher who identified himself to be known with the social media handle name view mantse, his place is a one bedroom apartment but the number of things encompassed in it will amaze you. To him, this is the kind of life Ghanaian teachers are supposed to enjoy.

Please click on the link below to watch the video

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