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Reasons why Students fail to recall whatever they have learnt in the exam hall

Unconsciously or consciously, students are the best culprits of the adage, ''Had I known is always at last" . Most students seem oblivious or rather adamant to the popular wise saying, "A stitch in time saves nine" as most students would prefer to read their notes a night or morning before the examination. This approach, though it conditions the brain to absorb huge quantities of information within a very short duration, is not an ideal and recommended model of learning as the brain takes time to process whatever information it's fed with and keep it either temporarily or permanently for future storage. Information grasped by this method becomes crumpled and makes it very difficult to recall whatever has been learnt. Most students would prefer using the last few hours or minutes to try and grasp whatever has been thought for about the entire duration of the semester or term. This results in students finding it hard to recall correctly whatever they fed to the brain and as such tend to mismatch questions and their respective answers.

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