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Ghana Education Service Staff to be Prosecuted by EOCO?

The Ghana School Feeding Programme has been in the spotlight lately. Caterers, Heads of Public Basic schools and other players have raised issues about how the School Feeding Programme is being run in recent times.

The Upper West Regional Directorate of the Economic and Organised Crime Office( EOCO ) has made a formal request to the Wa Municipal Education Directorate seeking to question about thirty Headteachers and Kindergarten Nominal Heads within the Wa Municipality.

In a letter dated Monday, 13th September, 2021 and signed by the Upper West Regional EOCO Director, Madam Winifred M. Detoh, EOCO want the Headteachers to produce documents like Admission and Attendance Registers for 2019/20 and 2020/21 academic years.

The Economic and Organised Crime Office in the Upper West Region suspect that the enrollments figures submitted by the said Headteachers could have been bloated. Therefore, they ( EOCO) want to ascertain the veracity of the matter through rigorous inspection of official documents.

The Admission and Class Attendance Registers are considered as Administrative Record Books. Therefore, Heads and their teachers are not supposed to use correction fluids for any erasure. Any erasure in these documents, renders them invalid. Daily Records on activities of the caterers are also required.

Ghana Education Service officers usually warn Heads of Schools not to bloat enrollment figures for whatever reason.

According to Upper West EOCO, any Headteacher or Kindergarten Nominal Head who fails to avail himself or herself for questioning, does so at his or her own peril.

Adabiyat Primary, Aswag Kindergarten and Primary, Biihee Primary, Boli Primary A, Boli Primary B, Busa Primary A, Busa Primary B are some of the schools captured by EOCO.

It remains to be seen waht kind of punishment Economic and Organised Crime Office would give out to the Heads would be culpable.

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