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“Her teacher was harassing her. I fought back”; Kofi Bentil justifies dreadlocks in public schools.

The “unlawful rejection” of some students into Achimota School has generated an intensive uproar on public domain, especially on social media and other traditional media channels. 

Today, March 20, 2021 the Senior Vice President of IMANI Ghana and Policy Analyst, Kofi Bentil, has waded into the discussion. 

According to him, a person’s hair style doesn’t have any positive correlation with intelligence. 

However, Kofi Bentil believes that the most important thing Ghanaians should concentrate about is students decency and not hairstyle. 

“Hair can be short and untidy. It can be long and tidy. Braids, locks, bushy can be neat and decent! It’s about decency not the style”, he said. 

Kofi Bentil narrated how he fought his daughter’s teacher after constant harassment on her life in school.  

He asserted that the school authorities didn’t have a tangible reasons to frustrate his daughter in school because of her hairstyle. 

Today, he is proud of his daughter for securing two jobs after the intimidations she encountered on campus.

He wrote that 

“My daughter was told to cut her hair because of school. Her teacher was harassing her. I fought back. They had no good reason for that demand! And did not require same of white people!!!

My daughter has finished the best university in Ghana and is holding gown 2 jobs successfully. I am very proud of her. 

What has hair got to do with intelligence??”

He wrote this on his Facebook page. 

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