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JHS 1 student Caught Red handed After Jumping Through The Windows


Students of this generation find it difficult to obey rules and regulations set by the schools. Most of the students have become allergic to class. They can't even stay in class for 2hours and they would plan of leaving. Many of the students go home even during class hours. They would find their own way of leaving the school and either go home or any other place of their choice. A JHS 1 student was caught red handed by the teacher after jumping through the window. It has been reported that, leaving the school during class hours has been the behaviour of this JHS 1 student. Teachers would find her in class during morning classes but she would vanish during afternoon classes.

She has been doing this for about 4months and anytime she was Caught she would give an excuse. She would always challenge the teachers and give stories whenever she wasn't around during afternoon classes. However she wasn't lucky this time as she was caught red handed by the teacher when she jumped through the window of the class. The teacher was just sitting under the tree near the window and therefore caught the JHS 1 student red handed. She would always challenge but this time she could not do anything. This time she had no excuse as she was caught red handed. I wonder why a female student would scale through the window. Jumping walls and windows has always been associated to male students. However this JHS student who happened to be a lady defied all odds and scale through the window like a male. I wonder the kind of punishment they would give to this student. Perhaps the teachers should make her weed a plot of land.

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