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The lack of job opportunities in our region after school, people of the central region

According to Ben Ephson, the managing director of The Dispatch newspaper, the total number of Fantes living in Accra makes up to 10.6% of the region's 6 million-plus population, making it the third-highest ethnic group in the region. Ga's, which are the highest, contributes to 18.8% of the population. This is even less compared to the over 30% of Fantes living in the Western Region. 

This can all be attributed to the lack of job opportunities in our region after school. Hopefully, with the new Airport, Harbour, Railway, and factories on the horizon, our dear region will be given the needed attention by investors which will create more job opportunities for our dynamic and talented youths. 

We also encourage our people to look back at their home region, for there is a saying that, "no one uses his or her left hand to show where he or she is coming from". 

We deserve better, the Central Region has de best schools but nothing to show....Fantes are well educated with a rich history but still nothing to show, the reason being that after graduating from their good schools in the central region they all choose to get themselves a good job which they can’t find in the region, thereby pushing them to the western, greater Accra and even the greater Kumasi regions... for greener pastures. but as you rightly put it we hope THE PROJECTS ANNOUNCED by these politicians....will see the light of the day for our dear region to take its due position in the country.

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