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4 Teachers Who Are Forever Successful.

Teachers are the role model to the young ones who are seen as the future leaders in our society. It is with this reason teachers constitute the most sensitive part of the youth development in Ghana and beyond. The efforts of teachers are easily known and appreciated because of these strong reasons.

Today, we are going to take a good look at teachers who are seen very successful as far as their profession is concerned. Please do not forget to like, share and comment below, haven't gone through this article.

1. Teachers who ensure good teacher -community relationship. Teachers in this category are not doubt successful in their profession. This is because the have a cordial relationship with the community in which the render their services. They do not encounter any form conflicts, fights or quarrel with the members in the community. They abstain themselves from all things that can easily lead them in to a problem in the community. This obviously leads to the success of a teacher who is in this shoe.

2. Those who avoid coporal punishment. There's a new recommendation by Ghana Education Service that, coporal punishment should be banned or abolished in our schools. Since this is a law from the national level, any teacher who unfortunately flaunts this law us likely to be punished. In order to enjoy your profession and for that matter be successful, you need to do away with this kind of punishment. You can stay away from this by putting a stop to canning and physical abuse of learners.

3. Those who ensure good teacher - student relationship. When a teacher has a very good relationship with his students by not harassing them sexually, engaging in other immoral acts with them, we say such a teacher will succeed in the profession and for that matter will not encounter any problem.

4. Teachers who are in to businesses. Every financial stable person is no doubt a business man or woman. So teachers who double up their incomes by venturing in to other businesses aside their profession are no doubt successful people. The become financial stabled and for that matter do not go in for loans that will end up causing problems for them. If you find yourself in this category of teachers, then success is yours.

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