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My Lecturer failed me for three years because I told him I was 17 years of age - Lady Says

A few understudies go through a ton of issues with their scholastics and bunches of them are exceptionally unreasonable. These educators experience that they have the solidarity to bomb their understudies regardless of whether they have accomplished nothing to merit such. This could be extremely unfortunate as the entire thing should be done on benefit and speakers should avoid tormenting their undergrads primarily when they don't do anything erroneous. 

A female analyzed as Queen Imma has found that during her initial a year in the college, her teacher called her an old woman since she changed into best in her initial a year in school. The young lady said that she told the teacher that she is only 17 years old however he got bothered due to her assertion and bombed her in that course for complete three years. 

This set off a ton of responses on line and under are some of them: 

Many would contend that the female has accomplished nothing off base through allowing her speaker to understand that she stays more youthful especially after he offended her in any case. Bombing her in his way for a very long time changed into unreasonable because of the reality she was currently not inconsiderate to him. Activities like such should/must be controlled with the guide of the control of tertiary foundations as it's miles uncalled for equity to do such to an understudy who just longings to take a gander at and make proper evaluations. What is your viewpoints about this folks?

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