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NAGRAT says GTLE is a govt tactic to reduce teachers recruitment

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The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) after the majority of candidates who sat for the teacher licensure examination failed has described the test as a ploy to reduce teachers recruitment in the public sector.

Mr Angel Carbonu, the President of NAGRAT expressing concerns over the mass failure said the government not considering those who could not pass the exams for employment indicates the GTLE is not in the interest of teachers.

He noted the decision to license all teachers in the country to promote teacher professionalism is a step in the right direction but conducting a national teacher licensure examination to recruit only those who will pass is unfair.

“We the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) agree that a teacher should be licensed to teach but we disagree that a teacher should write a licensure examination before he or she is licensed,” NAGRAT’s Carbonu stated.

The President in an interview monitored by Agyapong24 continued that “NAGRAT believes that the NTC Ghana teacher licensure examination (GTLE) was introduced to reduce the take of teachers in the public service.

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