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Photos Story: See What School Principal Was Caught Doing To 6 Year Old Student For Damaging Computer

A lot of people often mistake child abuse for discipline so also is the case of this school principal who was caught on camera abusing a 6 year old student, in her own understanding, she is disciplining the child but the truth is that she is abusing the child.

This happened in a particular school in the United State of America, many people think this can only happen in Africa schools but the sad truth is that it happens everywhere. Although it is not bad to discipline a child but this ought to be to a particular extent.

However, the photos below, the school principal was seen holding a flat thick object believed to be one of the tools used for sporting activities. The worst part of it is that, the school principal was wrongly disciplining this child in front of her mother, but the mother was not seen in the photos presented online.

Reactions from social media users has condemned the act and concerned educational authorities has called to look into the situation, and the school principal maybe in serious trouble if found guilty of child abuse.

Photos below;

Can you call this discipline or child abuse?. Share your honest opinion.

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