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Check out the newly adjusted reopening and vacation dates for double and single track SHSs

There has been a lot of back and forth concerning the academic calendar of our senior high schools.

The enrolment of first year senior high school students delayed this year as a result of reasons best known to stakeholders of our educational.

Many attributes the recent predicaments in our senior high schools to a number of factors. Key among these factors is lack of space to accommodate all the massive numbers of pupils who qualified to enter into our senior high schools.

Even the layman can ascertain the fact that,there will be an astronomical increment in enrolment in our senior high schools as such ,there should have been adequate infrastructural development in place before embarking on such ambitious educational intervention which is the free senior high school policy.

The intention of the free senior high school policy arguably is one of the best policies that any government can ever boast of in the African continent.

Unfortunately the policy has been poorly implemented and this has led to many asking numerous questions. Clearly,apart from accommodation,one of the major problems plaguing this ambitious policy is lack of funds.

This brings about the debate of selecting pupils into our senior high schools based on merit. It is unfortunate because of politics,all manner of pupils are being accepted into our senior high schools and the government is just wasting hard earned tax payers money on some of this non serious pupils.

The Ghana education service is one of the most confused institutions in the country right now as they are clueless as to how to even implement the newly introduced curriculum by organising workshops for teachers to be trained.

As a result of the back and forth of the reopening and vacation of the senior high schools,the Ghana education service has adjusted it's calendar for both double and single track schools.

This will provide both parents,students and teachers some convenience in planning their activities.

Check the circular out below

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