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Secondary Education


GES Was Wrong To Reopen School For The Form Two Students

After almost three months of staying in the house, schools are reopened for the form two's to return to school. Unfortunately some say it was a bad decision, and there are reasons why. School reopened for the form two's on the 1st of June, that was two days ago. But still the form one's are yet to vacate, meaning they are currently still schooling.

Unfortunately for the form two's, there are less classes for them to occupy. And you can tell that from the mass number of students in the schools. And yes the form three's are also in school, which makes this a complicated situation. As the buildings don't have enough classes to accommodate all the students, in other words there is inadequate infrastructure in the schools.

The form two's are supposed to be in school to continue their education, but the large number of students in the school has made it difficult. The class rooms are inadequate for the Students to occupy, leaving the form two's stranded in the assembly hall.

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