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Two SHS Boys Engage In Wild Fist Fight Because Of A Girl

School is meant to educate. However, some students use their period in school for other trivia things that in the long run jeopardize their aspirations for a successful future.

Good conduct brings honor in the same way bad conduct brings shame. Young senior high school students instead of concentrating on the main aim of being in school decided to be reckless instead by engaging in a fist fight activity while in their school uniforms.

What baffles, is that they allowed themselves to be recorded on camera while engaging in this reckless activity. According to reports observed, these young and vibrant young fought because of a lady. The girl, was however smart enough to hide her face whereas the boy boldly portrayed their W.W.E skills to the cameras.

In cases like this who do we blame? Youthful exuberance, lack of proper supervision in our various school, upbringing related issues or peer pressure and the need to fit in a particular social circle. All of these can be a factor but there are people who deal with some of these things that still keep a good conduct so what's really the excuse?

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SHS Wild Fist


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