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Ghana Education Service: Notice to All Staff who have not been paid Responsibility Allowance

Ghana Education Service: Staff who have not been paid Responsibility allowance should fill a form at the district offices for validation and payment.

Many teachers on responsibility allowance have not been paid since February, 2020. Teachers who were on responsibility allowance had it taken off upon upgrading to the next rank, teachers were asked to fill a form and present it at the IPPD unit for validation and payment. Since February, some teachers have not been paid the responsibility allowance.

Ghana Education Service has released a statement urging teachers who have not been paid the responsibility allowance to complete IPPD form at their district and regional offices for validation.

The responsibility allowance is allowance that is paid to teachers who take additional responsibility outside their work schedules, this allowance is to motivate them to take such additional roles in the school.

Teachers with the rank of Principal Superintendent and above with additional responsibilities like, Assistant Headmaster, Senior House master/ mistress, form masters, school chaplain or school Imam, house masters and head of department or programs in senior high schools are entitled to responsibility allowance.

Teachers who had promotion and were upgraded to the new promoted rank had their responsibility allowance taken off from their payslip. 

Ghana Education Service has restored majority of the teachers with such challenges and urges the affected teachers who have not been paid to complete a responsibility form in their respective districts for onward submission to Ghana Education Service headquarters for validation and payment.

Senior Housemasters and house masters are with the students throughout the week, some forfeit their weekends with their families and stay with the students. When a student fall sick is their responsibility to make sure such students are taken to a nearby hospital. Teachers taken up such responsibility without allowance is discouraged them from taken up such roles.

ICT teachers responsible for enrollment in various Senior High Schools have called on management of Ghana Education Service to reward them with additional responsibility allowance. They claimed data entry job is a full time job and they are taking such role as additional responsibility without any incentives.

By Nedved 

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