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Double Track Educational System-How Teachers Are Overstressed.

The double track Educational System has become a burden for Teachers in the selected Senior High Schools (SHS) running the double track system. Some Teachers are teaching in both tracks working throughout the year without holidays. Teachers are over-stressed, the holidays they used to enjoy when students go on vacation has been taken by the double track system.

However, with the double track system of education, Teachers spend more hours in school than the regular system. A period of a lesson in the previous years in the Senior High School SHS was 40minutes per lesson, with the double track system a period of a lesson is 60minutes. The minimum periods for a Teacher in the Senior High Schools SHSs is 18 periods a week and a maximum of twenty-two periods. Teachers with additional responsibilities for instance Assistant Headmaster is to teach a minimum of eight periods and maximum of twelve periods a week, Senior House Masters and Heads of Department are to teach a minimum of twelve periods and a maximum of sixteen periods a week, three options were given for a time to begin and close classes for the day that is a school can begin class from 7:00am to 3:00pm, 7:30am to 3:30pm and 8:00am to 4pm. This was specified in the guidelines for timetable preparation for the semester system for both single and double track schools.

With the introduction of the double track and semester system, the Government of Ghana announced to the general public that there have been a recruitment of seven thousand Teachers to help in the implementation to ease the stress on the existing Teachers. It was stated in the implementation guideline that, a Teacher teaching in one track cannot cross track, meaning that a Teacher is to be assigned to a track, if students in that particular track goes on vacation then they go with their Teachers for them to rest.

The guidelines was drafted nicely on paper but the implementations is different on the ground. Same Teachers are teaching in both green and gold tracks making the Teachers over-stressed. It has been discovered that stressing Teachers affect their output of work.

The duty bearers who are supposed to visit the schools to ascertain the challenges however sit on televisions and radios and claim all is well, “we have recruited thousands of teachers,” there is no problem with shortage of Teachers. Senior High Schools SHSs are not found only in the urban centers, management of Ghana Education Service GES should visit the Senior High Schools SHSs in the rural areas to witness what is really going on there. A Teacher is made to teach two different subjects, a Teacher who specialized on a particular subject area is given additional subject whether he has control over the subject or not, nobody cares about that just to fill in vacant and that is all.

Senior High Schools SHSs in the rural areas have inadequate Teachers whilst Teachers are under-utilized in the urban Senior High Schools. Teachers who are teaching in both tracks are not given additional salary or any form of allowance.

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