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My boss does this to me when everyone leaves the office

Life became very difficult for me as a young lady, staying at home for several years, after graduating from college. Getting a job for myself was very difficult for. I struggled for years before getting this office job for myself.

I didn’t get this job on a silver platter. I was one day walking down on our street, when I saw this nice car parked behind me. I heard the voice of a man calling me. I do not really pay attention to strangers, but I felt a good luck ahead.

This nice gentleman in a black suit was the one calling me. He asked for my name and asked what I’m doing. I told him everything about myself and he promised me a job. He gave me his business card and told me to call for directions the next day.

 I was not interviewed, but straight away, I was given a position as the Secretary of his firm, whiles the former Secretary was given a different position at his firm. My boss is gradually giving me huge benefits from his firm and I’m the highest paid worker now.

I don’t know why my boss is doing all these. In recent times, he will not allow me to close early because, he gives me a lot of office work. He has been behaving strangely these days towards. My boss does this to me when everyone leaves the office.

He calls me to his office, gives me a deep hug, which lasts for about 5 minutes and he puts me on his laps. He then starts to appreciate my beauty and say all sorts of sugar coated words. My boss has drawn very close to me now and I’m afraid he will propose to me, although he is married with 3 children.

My boss said he has something serious with me today. Yesterday, he bought me a drink and said he is putting it in his office refrigerator for me and thus, I will drink it today after everyone leaves the office. Is he coming to promote me or what? I’m confused and need help. 

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