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I Never Had Access To Past Questions And Yet I Passed My Exams In My Village – MP Boldly Speaks

There has been so much brouhaha after Dr. Apaak yesterday posed a question about past questions in Parliament. The question was posed to the Education Minister as to the huge amounts spent on the questions. Dr. Apaak wondered if those monies couldn’t have been put into other areas in education. The minority are arguing that the over 68 million cedis spent on past questions is questionable.

On TV3’s ‘New Day' today, Thursday, July 15, 2021 Clement Apaak, the MP for Builsa maintained his view that the amount looks bloated. He also questioned the amount being put forward for past questions for this year. He explained to Berla Mundi that the figures do not match the products received in return.

“Are you telling us that the teachers had no role to play? Is it only the exam questions? The way they are eulogizing the exam questions as though it is because of the past questions that why the students did well. it is just a part of other interventions. It is not every student in Ghana who had access to pass questions.

I went to school in the rural area and did the formal system and I missed distinction by only 2. I got aggregate 14 instead of 12. I never had access to past questions. Today I am a PHD holder” Dr. Apaak said. 

The Deputy Minister later joined the show on phone and insisted that the numbers being mentioned by Dr. Apaak were not right. He recalled that corrections have been made on the floor of Parliament to that effect and so was surprised that the MP was still working with those number.

It is interesting to know that there was a large difference between the figures stated for last year and this year regarding payment for the questions. However, one question which remains is that are the questions more essential than the teachers?

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