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What Do You Miss Most About Your SHS Days? Check Out Some Throwback Pictures.

Do You Remember Your Senior High School Days? Check Out Some Throwback Pictures.

In this world we live in, a number of great events make our lives worth living. Emotions of all kinds, periodic celebrations and many more are all factors that are indeed necessary for our survival and well being.

There is a general cycle all of us pass through to live a complete life. From Infancy to Childhood and then to Adolescence and finally Adulthood. All through this cycle. We make memories and the fact is that memories make us who we are. They are one of the basic fundamental parts of a human life. Memories of joy make us want to enjoy every second of life. The sad and painful ones teach us the best lessons in life. We all have memories from the different stages of life. 

Indeed we make the best of memories from our days in school. That is the different stages which are primary, senior high school and the tertiary level. Between our primary school days and senior high school days some will argue that the primary school has the best memories but I beg to differ. In this article we shall take a look at the memories we made in our days at Senior High School.

1. Day Of Reporting

Surely you remember now. Your first day at Senior high school is one of the days that will always remain in your memories. When it's time to start the journey to school you start feeling like you're never going to see your parents again. When you finally get to school and finish registration, then everything begins. We all did some. Take your shoe and call your girlfriend? We did. What did your seniors make you do on your first day??

2. Gari And Shito

Even if you forget something it wouldn't be these two. The Messiah of every student when it comes to that 'Wahala week'. These ones are some of the foods no one can pass through school without tasting. It is a traditional meal for every shs student. It is great when prepared well. Some even prefer it to the dining hall meals. Did you like it when you were in school?

3 The Power House

When I say power house only a few will understand. The power house is another name for the student dining hall. The place where we all used to rush to. Some took this as their favourite place and a competition as to who got there first. Yes I'm referring to the dining hall strikers. The people who would always manage to get to the hall first no matter what. Maybe this was because of the meals served there. From Monday to Sunday, everyone had the dining hall timeline memorized. What was your favourite meal?

4. Entertainment Night

As far as gatherings and hanging out in school are concerned, Entertainment Night is always the most wanted and expected. The night was all about providing relaxing entertainment for students in the form of video shows, all round talent competitions and Jams or dance which was the favourite of most of us. What was your favourite entertainment night activity?

5. Nicknames

I don't need to talk much about this. Here are a few that top that chart; Virgin breaker, Chichiz, Campus Slayer and many more. Almost everyone had a unique name he or she was called. In school, nicknames are either chosen by you or you nicknamed with a word you mispronounce. What was your nickname?

6 Class

Waking up early is very important in the lives of senior high school students. All students were required to be awake and ready for class by 6:00 or 6:30. But as you know boys will always be boys. Some of us never followed this rule and stayed in bed till the time it was convenient for. This sometimes ended badly when a teacher or housemaster came around in the morning to check up on us. When it comes to actual class, a lot of us only went to class just to make noise and hang out with friends. We also hated any subject involving calculations while others enjoyed them. Some hated reading subjects while others like me loved them. My favourite subject was and is still English Language. What about you?

7 Punishments

Do I need to even say anything? Seniors and the school authorities had a way if punishing you that would stick forever. From the simple lashing to 30 trips to fetch buckets of gravel. What was the worst punishment you ever received?

The Terminologies

Some schools if not all had words they used to communicate with each other to avoid being overhead by teachers. Let's take a look at them....

a) Bossing- talking to a girl while escorting her to her dorm after preps.

b) Dirty Oil- Shito

c) Bonding- Gari mixed with shito

d) Soakings- Gari with water and milk and sometimes Milo.

e) Perching- Using your friends thing all the time without wanting to use yours.

These are just a few but I'm hopeful that they will remind you of the amazing time you had in school. Please share to make friends have the feeling too. Hit the follow button for more updates. 

One last question for you... What do you miss most about Shs?

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