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A Young Ghanian Junior High Student Establishes An Incubator Which Hatches Chicks.

Ghana is really blessed with knowledge and many creative arts but how to support and apply them is the problem.

A small boy with the age of 15yearvhas manufactured an incubator which is very medium and its words like a magic.

This incubator is an electronic or solar incubator which is very nice and well formed.

According to report the parents of the child are not good at financial aspect to it may be difficult for the child to go to the secondary institution after Hus junior high school completion.

Which should try to help our kids because they are the future leaders and let help the talented to benefit as one day.

This child is very talented because its not easy for a child to think to that extend by manufacturing an incubator.

Let's us try to support this child to achieve his dreams and see what the almighty God can use her and do for our country.

Ghana is really blessed.

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Thanks to every reader.

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Ghana Ghanian


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