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Upon All The Abundant Timber In The Country, Some School Children Still Sleeps On The Floor To Write

Twene Jonas may be slamming Ghanaian politicians for failing to do the right thing, but I feel our leaders must improve their game if they are to avoid being pressured by freedom fighters.

Every country recognizes the importance of education. Development would be extremely difficult to attain without education. To ensure that all children have access to education, whatever is provided to children in developed cities should also be provided to children in impoverished villages. In Ghana, educational inequality is a big issue that must be addressed immediately.

Some school pupils in impoverished neighborhoods in certain parts of the country swim across a river or stream every day to get to school. Some Ghanaian schoolchildren are forced to utilize building blocks as chairs and tables in order to study. Meanwhile, there is more wood accessible around the country. The question is, why are certain people going through such hardships?

Why should we have abundance of timber and still deprive some school children to suffer like this. If this is how we are training our future leaders, then we don't have any future at all.

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