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Teacher’s Union Disappointed in the failed laptop promise for Teachers?

Ghana Education Service assured teachers to provide them with laptops which government will pay seventy percent of the cost and teachers to pay the remaining thirty percent by installments for the period of twelve months. The cost of the laptops was disclosed to the teachers, they were told to pay 30% of the cost whiles government pay 70% percent.

This laptop promise to teachers was one of the key issues discussed at the GES Council meeting with National Executive meeting. Supporting teachers to own a laptop is one core elements in the New GES ICT policy, in the policy, Ghana Education Service will provide a high speed Wi-Fi internet connectivity for all Senior High Schools, students will be allowed to bring phones to school preferable smart phone running on android operating system.

It was stated in the policy, “Government is committed in promoting digital literacy among students and teachers”. And for that matter, series of in-service training will be organized for teachers on digital literacy. This new Ghana Education Service ICT policy was drafted in January, 2021.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) teachers were to be trained on Information Technology Infrastructure System and Security(ITISS) to manage the Wi-Fi network in the various Senior High Schools. Ghana Education Service stated that, a software will be developed for schools for ICT teachers to manage the Wi-Fi network, students will register their smart phones from the ICT department and once the phone is registered on the network, the ICT teacher will be able to track the browsing history and restrict some websites for the students.

The Wi-Fi connection has been installed in the Senior High Schools and students have no access to the Wi-Fi, those who have access to the Wi-Fi have to hide to access the internet connection since the use of mobile phones are prohibited in the school. Why should Ghana Education Service draft a policy and published in the public domain without implementation. Some group of students were sanctioned for browsing in the schools in Bolga Senior High School, these students vandalized school properties in protesting against their right to use phones in school. Ghana Education Service should implement the new ICT policy to avoid such conflicts in Schools. 

Teacher’s unions have expressed their disappointment in Ghana Education Service for failure to fulfill the laptop promise to teachers. The unions are ready to foot the thirty percent cost for their members, the laptop is a teaching and learning material which help teachers to conduct research and improve in the lesson delivery in the classroom.

The laptop for teachers was captured in the 2021 budget statement, “Government to procured two hundred and eighty thousand laptops for teachers”. 

By Nedved 

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