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Video: Watch what a female student and her teacher were caught doing on school compound.

Currently circulating on social media is a female student and her teacher who were filmed attempting to hang themselves on campus.

The student was far more intrigued by the occurrence and wanted to help her teacher carry it out, which is what was most upsetting about the alleged incident in Nigeria.

The young female student opted to glance around after she discovered what was happening even though they were both in a rush and had previously expressed little interest in doing so.

They were being filmed until she eventually realized it, at which point she had to leave right away to go somewhere.

In the video, after both parties enjoyed the preliminary sexual foreplay. They agreed to go and continue the act at a different place since their current location may not be conducive for them.

Before leaving the scene, the schoolgirl noticed that someone was filming them and in shame, both of them flew away.

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