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Confusions in Kumasi Metro Education Office as teachers set to demonstrate against the Director

The metro Director of Kumasi Education Directorate of Ghana Education Service in his quest to improve the performance in the Basic Certificate Examination (BECE) in the kumasi metro has come out with numerous policies to be implemented by head teachers in the basic schools in Kumasi metropolis.

Among the policies, the reporting time and closing time of basic schools in the metropolis has caused massive reactions by teachers in the metro. The aggrieved teachers have raised red flag to demonstrate against the metro Director.

According to the aggrieved teachers who spoke to OperanewsGh anonymously stated that, the metro Directorate organised end of term examination and mock examination for the basic schools in the metropolis, some teachers are tasked to set questions for the end of term and mock exams, these teachers are not paid allowance. The end of term and mock exams which are printed for the schools are given to teachers to mark without marking allowance.

The printing fee which is included in the Capitation grants to schools are taken by the metro Directorate of Ghana Education Service and nothing is paid to the teachers. 

The Director of the metro has also instructed schools in the metro to start lessons at 7:00 am and close school at 3:00 pm, adding additional two hours to the contract hours by Ghana Education Service. 

According to the aggrieved teachers who have issued ultimatum to the director to rescind his decision stated that, the metro has directed head teachers in the basic schools to issue query letters to teachers who report to school after 7am.

Per Ghana Education Service instructional hours, basic schools begin their classes at 8am and close at 2:pm. Any additional hours by teachers are considered as extra classes, teachers cannot teach extra classes for free, even if the director want the teachers to help to raise the performance of students in the metro, it should be on a mutual grounds.

Teachers in the Senior High School, after 3pm which has been prescribed by the Ghana Education Service as closing time, any extra tuition is considered as academic intervention which attracts allowance. Academic intervention allowance is paid to teachers who provide extra tuition in the Senior High Schools and there is no academic intervention in the basic schools, teachers cannot be forced to offer extra tuition. Kumasi Metro Director cannot formulate and implement his own policies. 

Teachers are their own enemies, when a teacher rises to the top, he sees his subordinates as not working enough to deserve salaries paid to them, even within their own they are not respected, how do we expect the general public to see a teacher. 

By Nedved

Content created and supplied by: Nedved (via Opera News )

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