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"If your handwriting can beat mine, come closer", lady sets a challenge (Photos)

Good handwriting it surely is a blessing because while studying you can expect better grades because teachers will like your handwriting, but of course you need to write what's required to get good grades.

 A lady named Mary has set the internet on fire after she posted a picture of her handwriting. She challenges social media users to post a picture of their own handwriting in comparison to hers. 

She claims her handwriting is the best in the world, no one's handwriting comes close to hers. Looking at the pictures she posted vividly her handwriting is incredible very neat, I will tell her handwriting is one of the best handwriting I've ever seen, and it could make one of the best handwriting in the world. 

The challenge is still on, why not participate by posting your own handwriting if you think that your own handwriting can beat hers.

Again, what do you have to say about her handwriting have you seen such handwriting before isn't it beautiful, is yours better than hers please be sincere.

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