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21 Days Ultimatum Given to the Teacher Unions to go Back to the Negotiation Table

Teachers in the country have threaten to Stop layment of dues to the Teacher Unions as they reject the 4 and 7 percent infamous salary increment for 2021 and 2022. Teachers in the country joined the organized labour to demonstrate against the 4% salary increment for the year 2021 and 7% increment for 2022. The aggrieved teachers who spoke to the Nedved Self media indicated that, it is mandatory for a teacher to be represented by one of the teacher Unions, a teacher cannot be on the payroll without joining any of the teacher unions. These teachers have called on the three main teacher unions in the country, Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), National Association of Graduate Teachers and the Coalition of Concern Teachers to immediately go back to the negotiations table.

According to the teachers, the labour Unions went to the negotiation table to bargain for their pockets, they dumped the interest of their members who pay dues monthly to keep the union in operation. The leadership of the unions pay themselves with fat salaries out of the dues teachers pay monthly.

The aggrieved teachers have urged the various teacher unions to either go back to the negotiation table or loose their members, "they went to the negotiation table to bargain on behalf of teachers, they should go back to inform the government that, we will not accept the four percent this year and the seven percent next year". 

The teachers have served twenty one days ultimatum to the teacher unions to go back to the negotiation table, teachers in the country after the twenty one days ultimatum will form a new union and break out from the incompetent unions. The teacher Unions are to echo the voices of their members, the current economic condition in the country, the 4% increment will not make any impact on public sector workers, prices of goods and services have been increased, transportation is a major factor that consumes workers salaries, transportation fares as well as fuel prices have been increased.

Other concern raised by the teachers are, upgrading and adjustment of salary, responsibility allowance and promotion related issues. The unions are not addressing these issues, they are only interested in what goes into their pockets.

Teachers were having free time to do other business, that is closing from school at 2pm and the vacation period. The double track system has taken all the free periods for the teachers, Senior High Schools close at 4pm and the vacation they used to enjoy has been taken by the double track system, especially teachers who have responsibility as heads of department, Senior house masters/mistresses and house parents. The teacher unions are mute on these challenges.

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