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Final Year students in various tertiary institutions in Ghana must be given an allowance(Reason)

Final year students in all tertiary institutions in the country must be cared for by giving them an amount of money as an allowance.

University students in Ghana do not receive any allowance from the government. Final year students in various tertiary institutions in the country do spend a lot of money at this level.

First of all, the school fees for this very level is very huge as compared to other levels.

Also, before they leave school, there must be some petty petty clearance students must make which involve cash payments.

Also students do spend a lot of cash in making their research projects. A lot of data charges are incurred in the research. Also a lot of printing costs which becomes a burden to the students and also their providers.

The government must come to their aid by providing at least an allowance to only final year students if not all levels. So that every student can benefit from this before he or she completes.

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