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Confusion Hits Basic School Teachers As Which Curriculum To Use After 8th Week.

Junior High School JHS teachers are confused on which curriculum to use after completing the 8th weeks of recovery or catch up learning using the old curriculum as were recommended by Ghana Education Service GES.

Basic Schools were originally scheduled to commence their workshop for teaching and learning in the Common Core Curriculum CCC in JHS from the third week of March. However, this is yet to materialize as we have commence April. Teachers are therefore confused and worried as they do not even know why or the way forward as they remain in a fix, awaiting instructions from their employer who is equally in a state of confusion.

Again, another reason why teachers find theirselve in a state of confusion today is that, GES are required to finish the Common Core Curriculum CCC at the basic level to achieve equity in quality. The Ghana Education Service GES and the Ministry Of Education MoE are torn among others between continuing to implement a Common Core Curriculum CCC that only those who enter SHS could complete or implementing the Common Core Curriculum CCC which shall be accessible to every Ghanaian child of school going age.

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