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4% Salary Increments For Teachers: An Open Letter To The Ghana Education Service And Teachers.

Teachers are the agents of change in the Ghanaian society. Unfortunately, teachers in all educational levels both in the private and public schools, are undermined by the very people who once benefited or are benefiting from the services of teachers.

Years back, people are even begged, coaxed to accept the roles of teaching in Ghana. This is due to the abuse and mockery teachers face from the public. Recently, our President also made it known that teachers are not rendering their services to become millionaires. This is only so in Ghana. Elsewhere, teachers are paid handsomely. But not in Ghana.

It is time the Ghana Education Service started treating teachers more important than the politicians who are paid for doing little or absolutely nothing. Some of those politicians skip proceedings in parliament from time to time but always claim their allowances. A teacher had to write series of letters before he or she can be granted a few days' leave.

The teacher unions are also not helping matters at all. Some of them are only interested in the dues they will take from teachers' salaries. Those dues are not even used for anything substantial.

The only thing teachers are given out of their numerous monies taken by the unions is a common T-shirt which will not even last. Imagine a teacher being told that the shirts are for a category of people who have been in the system for long! Meanwhile, money is being deducted from the teacher's salary every month.

There are no text books but teachers are tasked to deliver quality education. It is just like sending a soldier into combat with the promise of a firearm at a latter time. Meanwhile, the spouses of the President and his vice are to be given large sums of money as salaries, for doing absolutely nothing. The GES has to wake up to the plight of teachers.

The teachers too, have to wise up! Doing politics out of sensitive issues is what is actually causing the downfall of teachers in general. Teachers tend to be indifferent because of their affiliation to a particular political party. I'd be neutral in anything concerning political parties in Ghana because the majority of the country's money goes into the pockets of a few privileged people and not teachers.

It is now confirmed that teachers cannot become millionaires by accepting to teach. But I'm sure every other business requires a capital to start. Teachers can equally establish big firms if they were to be paid handsomely for their unequalled services in the classroom. All this is the fault of the GES; there is no good condition of service for teachers.

As for the teacher unions, I've not seen their usefulness. If they were to be dissolved, all teachers will be very glad. What will four percent salary increment do in this time of inflation? Even that one will not be able to cater for the tax the teachers pay monthly, both directly and indirectly. Someone's four percent increment in another sector will be more than some teachers' yearly income.

This will not be happening if the GES were to fight for the interests of the teachers in the country. Teaching in Ghana is just a means to quench hunger and nothing else! But as we are talking now, some teachers are busily defending the government without thinking of their(teachers) own plights.

That's how life is; some people are content even if they're paid little or nothing for their services. Teachers also have families to cater for. What is good for the goose is also good for the gander. It is high time the Ghana Education Service, the sole employer of teachers, step up and do the needful so that teachers can also deliver quality education without hindrance.

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