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The Market Hypes Today's El Classico Contest As They Showcase Prempeh And OWASS Uniforms

This evening's contest is the semifinal of this year's edition of the NSMQ but talking into consideration the schools involved, I think it is safe to say it is more than a final. Many people have tagged it as the "El Classico" of the National Science and Math Quiz since it sees two rival schools facing off. Putting that aside, there is another school which poses a threat since the competition is hosted directly on their home soil.

The fact is that, Prempeh College and Opoku Ware School do not care about how dangerous KNUST SHS can be. What is at stake is their reputation. If you make your rival silence you today, they will keep your mouth shut for a long period of time. This is the reason why the contestants are going to act fast and furious.

One amazing thing is how interesting the supporters can be. I am sure they will give the quiz mistress a tough time with their "gyama" songs and "immanus" recitations. Imagine witnessing a contest with a "Kumerican" vibe, topped up with the energy of a Classico. I think this is a contest one wouldn't want to miss.

Amongst all the contests done so far, there hasn't been a single one with too much hype like this one. The two best schools in the Ashanti Region of the country are clashing and are looking forward to silencing their opponents. The rivalry is so intense such that people in the various markets are even advertising it.  

Prempeh College and Opoku Ware School go beyond just mere schools. They are one big family with hunger for success. Like the Squid game, one is bound to fall. The question over here is, who will it be?

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