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Is it lack of space or examination failure.

It can not be true that over 2000 applicants who sat for this year's law entrance exams failed to get the required pass Mark.

They are just victims of"lack of space" at a professional law school. over the years many of these people who fail the entrance exams turn their attention to neighboring countries like the Gambia and Nigeria and surprisingly go through, with some of them coming back to practice law in Ghana.

For a population of a little over thirty million citizens with a total population of lawyers national wide not even up to four thousand and a considerably low legal literacy rate among citizens, one would imagine that frantic effort would be made to open up legal education for the dozens of young people who are desirous of becoming lawyers to acquire the skills and use it to improve access to legal services in the country.

The narrative of legal education in our community could easily be likened to the principles of "inertia" in science" difficult to start and difficult to finish"

Yes, it is the case that people struggle to enter law schools in this country, and once they enter, for some it takes grace, if not forever for them to graduate and be called to the Bar.

This frustration that young people go through to become lawyers amid all the myriad problems confronting young people in this country lends itself to a simmering uprising that would soon blow up in our face.

A group of frustrated young people is more deadly than military men with coupes ambition.

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