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Checkout the reason why the final year student of U.E.W. lost his life before he could graduate.

Every student after completing school is happy. This I as a result of the things they go through whiles in school. Learning is difficult and not only that but also writing exams is also very difficult. So when a university student completes his or her four year university studies will always be happy. But one student who is a final year of the University of Education has over celebrated his completion and died out of it. 

According to the video circulating on the social media, right after they finished with their last paper which meant the end of their four year education, himself and some few other friends started jubilating. Their jubilation was mixed with shouting, flipping backwards and jumping as well. A first guy did the first two flips which he safely landed on his two legs. The deceased also continued by flipping backwards. He unfortunately landed on his head which dislocated his spine on the spot. 

He was quickly rushed to the Winneba hospital but unfortunately lost his life on the spot. According to his friends, he was a professional sportsman, who was always engaged in flipping backwards. He was the number one professional in the sports of back flips. So his friends and most Ghanaians are shocked because of the way and manner he died. 

However students of the school have been warned of to desist from anything that will prevent them from completing and going home safely. The country is full of graduate unemployment and as such to many the real life starts after school, so student should also think about after school life and not to jump into excitement and merry making which won’t bring them anything but unfortunate scenes like this one. Family of the deceased student is yet to bring the final date for the burial of their deceased son. 

Content created and supplied by: KwameNtiKwame (via Opera News )

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